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Games to Play at the Park

It’s an exciting prospect to pack a bag, fly out the door, and set up shop at your local park. Then you get there, and think, “Where are the waves? Where are the views? Is it completely immoral to watch an episode on my iPad?”

Doing anything under the sun, while you’re under the sun, isn’t a bad idea, but here’s a list of light, classic games — that don’t require any cards or instruments — to make you wish the day lasted longer.


Decide on a number as a group. The goal is to count to that amount by standing up and shouting each number. You must go chronologically, but any person can shout any number whenever they want. If two people stand and shout the same number at the same time, they’re both out. Seems easy, but it can get your heart pumping.


This is a highly addictive icebreaker that’s also a great way to deepen your friendships. Here’s how to play:

Elect a moderator, sit everyone in a circle and have them go to sleep (shut their eyes). The moderator tells the story of their village (creatives can have fun with this). Meanwhile, they secretly choose two players as the “werewolves” by tapping their heads.

The moderator wakes the town up, lets them live for a day (or a brief chat), then tells them to go back to sleep. While the villagers sleep, the moderator wakes the werewolves up so they can silently pick a victim via pointing.

When the town wakes, the moderator announces the latest victim. Discussion follows. Anybody can formally accuse another player of being a werewolf at any time. If more than half of the town votes in agreement, the accused is eliminated, and the town goes back to sleep.

NOTE: Accusations and eliminations are not required for every round.

This cycle continues until both werewolves are identified, or all villagers are offed. The more rounds you play, the more complicated and fun the game gets!

Once you get the hang of it, you can add more secret roles to spice things up:

● wise one — at night, they may ask the moderator if a particular person is a werewolf, then share that information with the villagers during the day. Whether or not the town believes them, however, is a different story…
● doctor — they may try to save a villager once per game by selecting one at night after the werewolves have already made a decision

Before every turn, decide on a category as a group. The elected player has to talk about that topic for one minute or longer, in whatever capacity they feel. This is a great way to get a conversation going, and people may even want to share their own stories before you start a new turn.


You know the drill. Someone thinks of a noun that everybody already knows, whether it’s common knowledge or an inside joke. The rest of the group has twenty questions to guess the secret noun.


Tell a story together! You can decide on the amount each person gets: one or two words often winds up with a silly, occasionally brilliant mad-libs result. One or two sentences can lead to a more personal, revealing evening rather fast. Play with close pals.


If you have an internet connection, launch this site for a great word bank.

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