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comfortably adventurous • made in the usa
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Reclaiming Your Days Off

Whether you’re looking for work, working from home, or retired, we’re all facing more personal time than we’re used to, and we’ve been filling it in colorful ways. Some are baking bread, jogging more regularly, or grabbing a blanket and dropping by the park. 

It’s important to fill your day with activities you enjoy doing, but it’s always harder than it sounds to pick a new hobby at random, or finally take that wine tasting trip you’ve been talking about. Here are some ways to make those special “you” days happen, and stay present while you do them!


Give your off-days as much attention as you do work tasks when you build your weekly schedule, even if that means blocking out a “do nothing” day: watching TV, staring at the sky, or sitting in the sun is absolutely fine to do, as long as you’ve been planning or wanting to do it!


You can’t think your way out of doing something. For example, if you’re drinking mimosas on a Saturday when you planned to clean the house, don’t sit there thinking about how filthy your toilet is. Drink your darn mimosas and enjoy your life! There’s always Sunday to catch up on scrubbing.


Always think about your monthly plans on the first of every month. This will help you reach out to friends or family to set dates. Consider it a mini-RSVP of sorts: you want to beat out any other plans or requests that might be made. There’s also nothing better than a full personal schedule, reducing those moments in between when you have no clue what you have going on.


It’s often the case that when you decide to take an off-day, everyone you know is out meeting celebrities, camping, and climbing to the top of Mount Everest. Just remember that those folks have solo, quiet off-days too. Don’t steal time away from yourself by thinking you should be doing more!

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