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comfortably adventurous • made in the usa
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Turn Four Quick Meals into Gourmet Dishes

Let’s face it: cooking is fun every once in a while, but it doesn’t take long before the thought of a sink full of dishes persuades you to order in. Especially since frozen foods always seem like a bland, unhealthy, and unenjoyable last resort. But what if they weren’t?

Take a look at some of our easy food recipes, from frozen to fresh, that transform the frozen aisle into a gourmet chef’s dream.


Add fresh garlic and basil to a pan of oil. Let it soak up all the flavors, then fry the gnocchi in it. But don’t stir it for the first five minutes! Let it get crispy on the bottom.

Sprinkle some parmesan on the top, maybe a bit of lemon, and you’re smooth sailing.


Half or quarter cherry tomatoes and fry them in oil with some garlic or thyme until they’re soft. Then scoop a good chunk of hummus into a bowl, and pour the tomatoes over it, oil and all.

Lightly toast a baguette and dig in!


Can it about canned foods: throw some herbs, like sage, basil, or bay leaves, into the soup while it boils, and bake some garlic bread for dunking. Wha-la!


Trick yourself into thinking you had Chinese food delivered with this quick fix: bake the chicken bare for a few minutes less than the bag instructs, then fry the pieces on a pan with the included sauce. That way, the inside is piping hot, while the crust remains crunchy and unburnt.

Toss over white rice and bust out the chopsticks!

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