comfortably adventurous • made in the usa
comfortably adventurous • made in the usa
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about us

When L.A. put up the locks, and our favorite spots closed their doors, we opened ours! We spent months exploring multiple mask patterns and developed our near-perfect  face covering that felt natural and comfortable. Then, we realized we needed somewhere to go. So we went to the park!

We believe that getting outside safely and comfortably is a universal right. Whether a ten acre yard or a nearby city park, we all deserve easy access to a stretch of grass and a little sunshine. It's also why we support organizations that seek to bring more recreational areas to lower-income neighborhoods: everyone should have their own patch of comfort.

our mission

Getting outdoors is essential for a healthy lifestyle — whether it’s visiting a local park or walking around the block. Our supplies encourage folks to enjoy nature and, most importantly, each other! 

We believe that having local access to safe, supervised, and well-maintained parks should be a universal privilege. In order to prioritize mental health for all, Out & About Supply actively supports local governments and nonprofits, like Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, determined to make parks and nature more accessible for all.